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Friday, October 3, 2008
As we talk , these two letter word comes into my mind, it denotes so many possibilities, real or unreal. The good thing to think is to get rid of regrets, on what should have been or what should have done. Living in reality of the times, of whatever is the blessings that come to us. The memories of the past is just good enough to remember, the beauty of the future will give us all the excitement to see. Endless possibilities end at some of the most sought after wishes. If i will be granted to live my life all over again, i will not change anything , because my life is fullfilled for i have been part of you. Moment and Time will never change, this is what life brings, just trying to live with no if's and but's with the vision that no matter what..if ever , whatever happens..i will be there..for you..Even if..


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