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Rules in Love

Friday, February 13, 2009
Happy Hearts Day!!

Although there are no perfect rules in love..find some lines worth to ponder on..stay in love..

Do not fall in love everytime you fall in bed
Learn to detach emotionally
Do not revolve your entire life around him/her
Sex does not equal commitment
Addiction is bad for your health!
Do not cling, act needy or demand
Doormats are for your feet, not your heart
Its OK to say NO!
Do not grill them or their friends for information
Master the art of LISTENING.
Treat him/her as you would your best friend
Friendship creates long term love and comes
before sex
FORGET about fixing your partner. IT WILL
Your choice of partner is a reflection of who
you are and who you are not!
Enjoy the moment first, Live in the present
Dont worry about the ex's or start naming your
future children.
NEVER read their journal or go through
their paperwork.
If you have no trust, you have no relationship
Allow space and freedom between you.
DO NOT always be available
Calling frequently is a turn off and signals
insecurity, neediness and control.
Open your eyes to lies and cheating. OR...
close them, justify the bad behavior, and live
with the consequences.
Little or no eye contact? Start walking. They
wont even notice your gone.
Anyone preoccupied with their physical
appearance and dress, usually have very little
or nothing to offer from within.
Look beyond physical!
Never compromise your values.
If you OVER give, you will lose your lover and his respect


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