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Rules in Love

Friday, February 13, 2009
Happy Hearts Day!!

Although there are no perfect rules in love..find some lines worth to ponder on..stay in love..

Do not fall in love everytime you fall in bed
Learn to detach emotionally
Do not revolve your entire life around him/her
Sex does not equal commitment
Addiction is bad for your health!
Do not cling, act needy or demand
Doormats are for your feet, not your heart
Its OK to say NO!
Do not grill them or their friends for information
Master the art of LISTENING.
Treat him/her as you would your best friend
Friendship creates long term love and comes
before sex
FORGET about fixing your partner. IT WILL
Your choice of partner is a reflection of who
you are and who you are not!
Enjoy the moment first, Live in the present
Dont worry about the ex's or start naming your
future children.
NEVER read their journal or go through
their paperwork.
If you have no trust, you have no relationship
Allow space and freedom between you.
DO NOT always be available
Calling frequently is a turn off and signals
insecurity, neediness and control.
Open your eyes to lies and cheating. OR...
close them, justify the bad behavior, and live
with the consequences.
Little or no eye contact? Start walking. They
wont even notice your gone.
Anyone preoccupied with their physical
appearance and dress, usually have very little
or nothing to offer from within.
Look beyond physical!
Never compromise your values.
If you OVER give, you will lose your lover and his respect

The Will of the Heart

Sunday, January 11, 2009
A lot of lesson are always learn on each events that takes its toll on our personal life. Emotional outburst, seem to be a common part, human vulnerable to pain as essential part of emotion. A loving heart constitute a caring and understanding notion by which one express his love and thoughts in the most intimate special and unique ways. Each had different approach depending on their personality. No matter what it is , two people in love project a very warm and joyful feeling that emanates from deep within the heart. This is why a person with firm conviction to commitment to hold true with the promise of love , will endure all things, even of time and place, to fullfill the will of the heart.

Love Thyself

Sunday, December 14, 2008
Out of pain comes a good learning experience, love if you would but leave a little for your heart to breath, for in this space comes the strength to move on and live a life you have forgotten to live. It will always worth remembering the joys of giving all the love in the heart..for it better serve the purpose of giving smile and happiness to the one so dearly love.

I will be here

Saturday, December 13, 2008
Time will passes by..
life will goes on...
People will come and go
But the my love for you will remain..
Through each moment of time...

You will be forever in my heart dear..
and I will always be here for you..

Together ...Forever..

Cycle of Life

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

All people goes into his own struggle. In living, loving..relationship alike. Man's prime strength could be drawn by inspiration , of will to do their best , to make the most of his well being. The colors of life shine to the extreme fullfilling the goals they have set to achieve. Going back to the right senses it is important to remember that all of it comes into cycle because nothing is permanent as they say. Somewhere along the way, at a glance, at a wink of an eye, the vision for the future which evolves with a lot of love and inspiration is far from reality.
What comes up, must come down. Win some and lose some. When one door closes, another one opens. That's the cycle of life. Reminiscing of the past might be a factor only to savor that the best have been done then looking ahead that much more better is yet to come. Hard as it may seem , but knowing that the deeds have serve its purpose is good enough.
We only live once, we may never pass this way again. Always be firm with deep conviction of giving your best , the best of yourself from within your mind, body and heart. No need for praises and appreciation, what is important is knowing deep within thyself that true thoughts of caring had been given.
Its a cycle, making someone feel good ...wearing a smile from deep within the heart makes the life journey worthwhile. Be still...share a smile to anyone ..held a hand, love ...live... smile...

The Lives we Touch

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Each person have different insights and personality.It is on this note that individual differences arise on each relationship. However, it does not come as a hindrance to a genuine desire to make a difference in each other lives, not all person had this view. Very rare for an individual to take an extra mile just to be of good influence to a person. Sheer determination is one special traits that makes the effort quite fruitful. Patience, understanding and a huge amount of concern complete the unselfish task of bringing a glimpse of life to a lost soul. It is not an easy task, it is a join effort of heart and mind. To love and understand, whatever the hindrances and struggles might be.

Whatever the outcome, it is good to remember that nothing is lost, in fact the good deeds will never fade in the heart of the one being cared. It will forever be her good reason to live. In prayers, those at any point of time could be the big reason to make good of self and live a life envisioned by the friend who stand up with the test of time, nothwithstanding others and bringing hope with prayers and good will to make it through the rain.

The lives we touch, will be a standing legacy of how we view life on a very wonderful perspective. Bringing , sharing joys, triumps and success and the most important of all sharing life and love, at any point in time..big or small.
Bring a smile in your heart... you have made other lives worth living.

Love Will Find its Way

Monday, November 24, 2008

The beauty of love lies on being patient with the tide of emotions that goes with it. At any given point and time, the eagerness to give the feelings deep inside dwells within the inner side of the heart. Love is the most precious above anything , it gives strength and inspiration, it brings joys and fullfillment and all other happiness to life. Though it comes at a different degree, a one true special endearing love so close to the heart remains. This will be the most cherish one for each person. It has a very different meaning and depth because the closeness of feeling had been develop through the years, just like whisper in the air..that echoes the image and sweetness of a dearly beloved. Each story of relationship always had a special touch of unique ways on sharing a relationship, the difference lies on the personality and way of lovers to reciprocate to the feeling. Some do it on small notion of caring, of giving the very core of inner self.
At any given situation, of ups and downs, of triumphs and success, of laughters and tears, love will find a way to be patient with time and place, for the hope of being together . To share life and love at its brightest and happiest moment in life.
Simply by being together, with a sweet smile..a warm embrace, to last a lifetime.

Love and Time

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Cannot be at two places at a time. If i only could. Moments will not slip away to spent the most precious with you. As every beat of the clock passes by, just like the beat of the heart, one could only dream and wish it to be with the one , you dearly love. Though no one could go against the tide of reality of situation and present times, the time to give and express the love will hold no barrier. It will go through, as always.

The love will remain patient, so it could see and give all whats in the heart for the happiness of the other. On simple thought and deeds, of warm expression of the feelings. Whatever tomorrow brings, the heart will be full of gladness, for it learn to know love on a deeper meaning. Of seeing the beauty of a person on her special ways. On that clear knowledge, a smile in the heart will remain forever.

Love dont always go with the time. But having one special person to share beautiful moments is what matters at all. The happiness it brings transcends the real meaning of living, of happiness, of belonging.

Will not always be together, but bear in your mind and heart, i will be there by your side with my heart and spirit.

Its only a matter of time. Love will find each other, in God's time and by HIS will.

More Than Youll Ever Know

Tuesday, November 18, 2008
I love you with all my heart...
Will never forget all the joys of living
For being with you i found its true meaning...
I will not whisper no words...
It will echoes deep within my heart..
More than you'll ever know...
Much more than my body could do..
Much more than my mind could know...
More than my heart could show...

Speak Softly Love

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Feelings expressed in silence hold much deeper meaning. It goes beyond. Unspoken words stored within the inner core of the heart wiil find ways to go through by any means. With simplicity of thoughts comes the desire to give what is endearing to the heart. It is on the reason, by just knowing, "that happiness brought by giving love, bring the same feeling of gladness in the heart" much even more.
Finding one true Love is a once in a lifetime chance. It comes on the most unexpected places and time. Some movies call it "Magic", the word maybe use because the feeling could be magical, hard to express. Two people finding each other,listening the echoes of their hearts, sharing their life unmindful of space, time and place. Holding and gazing each other as if they will never be apart, as if it will lasts for a lifetime.

The beauty of love lies on sharing the intense feeling as it happens, living with the time and making the most of it. The future is not to be seen, but the present could be made more meaningful and much more beautiful. Lost love will be forgotten by the passage of time, moving on without regrets is the key, after all loving makes one happy even for a moment. Just think of how beautiful love is , and look ahead to find a "very special Love" in your heart.

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