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Woman of Substance

Monday, October 27, 2008

Beauty and Brain, Flair and Elegance, Strong and Loving. Just few broad qualities of woman. Behind the success of any man is a woman. Their character are mold to express love in the most special way. They find ways and subdued trials to show that love is shared with passion and strong commitment to make it last as beautiful as it could be. Her heart always try to seek to understand as long as it could bear with proper reasons. Bearing the love in silence but full of caring and sweet deeds, the notion make her feel good in her solitude. She view it with no selfishness but with the desire to see the fullfillment of the love that had been given. Each day were taken with the thought of giving,not by magnitude or material things, but even by small words of encouragement, to lift the spirits, to bring a smile in a day, to look on the future with hope, to loosen up oneself, to see life with dreams and aspirations. Woman in their simplicity possess varied character, it makes them magical , it makes them exciting, mysterious too. It is very rare to find a woman of substance, it is very very rare to capture their heart, they gave love in a very special way. With the special character, a life shared by their side will always be a man's dream. Dont let the chance slip on you. There are no second chances.


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