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Value of Special Someone

Saturday, September 27, 2008
During the course of life, comes a time when you met and find a special someone. Unknowingly, the sharing comes into a moment of joys and laughters. It goes on to the most simple life reality to complex views that tangles with different opinions and perspective. The thing is quite good for it gives balance to weighing the most valuable one. Life is relatively short and sharing it comes close to all the gladness that the heart could bring. Eagerness to talk of the moment in each other life, emotions on different degrees makes each period something to treasure of. Nothing comes close to the smiles, giggles and life's humor and realities. The shared moment goes on through from the minute of waking up to the hour of resting the body. No one would know, no one could define, the magic a special someone bring to life.

Colors of rainbows reflect life colors, the emotional stage goes on through certain phases. Deep inside the heart, someone occupies a special place.. the one so dearly love that give the big difference to the colors of our life. With this, it could be best to remember, that the value of Special Someone will be best felt, by the most wonderful moments shared. It dwells into the heart and mind..for a period that might last forever.

On each day..the heart and mind..dwells a valued time to a Special Someone...


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