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The Lives we Touch

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Each person have different insights and personality.It is on this note that individual differences arise on each relationship. However, it does not come as a hindrance to a genuine desire to make a difference in each other lives, not all person had this view. Very rare for an individual to take an extra mile just to be of good influence to a person. Sheer determination is one special traits that makes the effort quite fruitful. Patience, understanding and a huge amount of concern complete the unselfish task of bringing a glimpse of life to a lost soul. It is not an easy task, it is a join effort of heart and mind. To love and understand, whatever the hindrances and struggles might be.

Whatever the outcome, it is good to remember that nothing is lost, in fact the good deeds will never fade in the heart of the one being cared. It will forever be her good reason to live. In prayers, those at any point of time could be the big reason to make good of self and live a life envisioned by the friend who stand up with the test of time, nothwithstanding others and bringing hope with prayers and good will to make it through the rain.

The lives we touch, will be a standing legacy of how we view life on a very wonderful perspective. Bringing , sharing joys, triumps and success and the most important of all sharing life and love, at any point in time..big or small.
Bring a smile in your heart... you have made other lives worth living.

Love Will Find its Way

Monday, November 24, 2008

The beauty of love lies on being patient with the tide of emotions that goes with it. At any given point and time, the eagerness to give the feelings deep inside dwells within the inner side of the heart. Love is the most precious above anything , it gives strength and inspiration, it brings joys and fullfillment and all other happiness to life. Though it comes at a different degree, a one true special endearing love so close to the heart remains. This will be the most cherish one for each person. It has a very different meaning and depth because the closeness of feeling had been develop through the years, just like whisper in the air..that echoes the image and sweetness of a dearly beloved. Each story of relationship always had a special touch of unique ways on sharing a relationship, the difference lies on the personality and way of lovers to reciprocate to the feeling. Some do it on small notion of caring, of giving the very core of inner self.
At any given situation, of ups and downs, of triumphs and success, of laughters and tears, love will find a way to be patient with time and place, for the hope of being together . To share life and love at its brightest and happiest moment in life.
Simply by being together, with a sweet smile..a warm embrace, to last a lifetime.

Love and Time

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Cannot be at two places at a time. If i only could. Moments will not slip away to spent the most precious with you. As every beat of the clock passes by, just like the beat of the heart, one could only dream and wish it to be with the one , you dearly love. Though no one could go against the tide of reality of situation and present times, the time to give and express the love will hold no barrier. It will go through, as always.

The love will remain patient, so it could see and give all whats in the heart for the happiness of the other. On simple thought and deeds, of warm expression of the feelings. Whatever tomorrow brings, the heart will be full of gladness, for it learn to know love on a deeper meaning. Of seeing the beauty of a person on her special ways. On that clear knowledge, a smile in the heart will remain forever.

Love dont always go with the time. But having one special person to share beautiful moments is what matters at all. The happiness it brings transcends the real meaning of living, of happiness, of belonging.

Will not always be together, but bear in your mind and heart, i will be there by your side with my heart and spirit.

Its only a matter of time. Love will find each other, in God's time and by HIS will.

More Than Youll Ever Know

Tuesday, November 18, 2008
I love you with all my heart...
Will never forget all the joys of living
For being with you i found its true meaning...
I will not whisper no words...
It will echoes deep within my heart..
More than you'll ever know...
Much more than my body could do..
Much more than my mind could know...
More than my heart could show...

Speak Softly Love

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Feelings expressed in silence hold much deeper meaning. It goes beyond. Unspoken words stored within the inner core of the heart wiil find ways to go through by any means. With simplicity of thoughts comes the desire to give what is endearing to the heart. It is on the reason, by just knowing, "that happiness brought by giving love, bring the same feeling of gladness in the heart" much even more.
Finding one true Love is a once in a lifetime chance. It comes on the most unexpected places and time. Some movies call it "Magic", the word maybe use because the feeling could be magical, hard to express. Two people finding each other,listening the echoes of their hearts, sharing their life unmindful of space, time and place. Holding and gazing each other as if they will never be apart, as if it will lasts for a lifetime.

The beauty of love lies on sharing the intense feeling as it happens, living with the time and making the most of it. The future is not to be seen, but the present could be made more meaningful and much more beautiful. Lost love will be forgotten by the passage of time, moving on without regrets is the key, after all loving makes one happy even for a moment. Just think of how beautiful love is , and look ahead to find a "very special Love" in your heart.

To Live with Meaning

Friday, November 14, 2008

The world is one big arena of survival. As people goes through living with different ideas and concepts, a good and better plan does not always guarantee of the attainment of peace and happiness. The phrase, no one knows what tomorrow brings holds true to its meaning. It it because nothing is permanent and even good things that comes good at the present, at a certain point of time and as situation arises , changes had to be made and accepted.

Everyone seek happiness, by their own definition , on their own personal view.

There could be parallel ideas , but in truth it could not be exactly the same. To share and savor those, need deep emotional understanding of each other. Without selfish inclination but willingness to give the big part of oneself without expectations. That will give the true value of one intention. A heart ready to give, a mind ready to understand, a body willing to be there for always.

All of these need not come on big package, with precious value but on simple ways of expressing love and care , nothwithstanding time and place. To Live with Meaning..is the constant awareness that big part of the beautiful life had been shared with the most important person in life. Knowing that happiness given makes a heart glad is enough. After all, life real meaning is to be of a small blessing to the one we really love.

Be always a whisper of love in the air...even without a sound..it feels so good.

All About You

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

In each passing day, the thought of YOU, makes me feel glad about the life i live. More to life, you gave a deeper meaning and colors with the way you share yourself to me. In your special way of being just the way you are...is good enough , the essential way of being what is the real YOU. Not everyone had a chance to find a wonderful person to share their life with.

It could be a once in a lifetime chance, one of life's beautiful blessings.

In my life i wander through time and places, with different people, as i sit in serenity and look back on the moments we have been together, coudnt help but wonder that all of what i have been will just be empty if YOU were not part of it. The most meaningful part of me , the best i have done comes real with you giving me the spirit to bring out what deep inside me which give me confidence to go on. In stride you make me know that being true and living on what is real, is the foremost in life.

I love everything ...all about you..as i love you in person, your whole character...the way you are..i might not keep on saying about the deep intense feeling, i will keep it into my heart but show it by my own little way, with all the care.

Time will pass by, life will goes on as it should. Moments will slip away, but not the love that i will always be giving and sharing, even without a word, but all the thoughts and deeds my heart could dare. YOU ..All About YOU is all that matters, mostly your heart, for you will always be the only one i will love and TRULY love at my lifetime.

I love you..and i will love you more ..not today but until i live...you gave and show me the real meaning of love, in its most simplest form with all sincere intentions. With it, i will go through the tide of this intense feeling of deep love for you not only now but for always.

Home Maintenance and Organization

Tuesday, November 11, 2008
With fast pace circle of daily living, to establish a system of organizing the home give a lot of rewards to a busy and hectic day. The time and effort to accomplish a lot of task at home that requires a considerable attention will lessen the target productivity of a days work.
Home Maintenance with the use of safe and reliable appliances that will support convenience as well as safety to the household and environment will make the most of the time for the working individual so as physical and mental energy could still be maintain at the end of the day.
Environment friendly and energy efficient appliances are beneficial as well as cost saving . Home Maintenance and Housewares serve its purpose at its peak , especially during these period, that the value of time could be a big factor on productivity and output of man.
Home Organization is also one good system to maximize the use of many modern tools to effectively address the need to efficiently use the time and space of every modern homes.

While My Guitar Gently Weeps

Sunday, November 9, 2008

It could be a dream, or just a fantasy. Been fascinated by the pluck of guitar, the sound of strings, each strum by the tip of the hand fingers. A combination of wonderful voice and guitar make one music in its natural form or state. Like a piano, it enhances music at its best. Maybe the fascination comes to the knowledge that the music been produce is by sheer natural talent of the artist itself, no back ups , no synthesizers, no gadgets.
Depending on audience perception and acceptance it also brings the message and passion of the song to a higher definition, much more with a full emotion rendition. Eye to Eye..Heart to Heart.
If dreams do come true, the wish to sing to a love with a guitar will be one on top of the desire. It gives love with the deep personal touch..that truly comes from the heart.

At our Best

When can one notice , that he is at top peak form. In general, in terms of physical and mental state. It is said that many factors could be used as a gauge to individual condition. From productivity to stress and time management. And this goes on various stages and time, whether personal or work related.
Depending on the work and lifestyle that had become usual norms, the ability to gain the momentum to reach the maximum ability depends on the drive and enthusiasm as well as inspiration which contribute to major part of the excellence that had been achieve. This what seperate man from the boys, the ability to be at their best during the toughest times, the most challenging part of the day. The way to have the tenacity to solve the most complex situations at hand. Sharp quick minds produce magnificent and wonderful ideas. When it could be transform into actions to settle goals will be quite an enormous feat. There is a line which describe only to a choosen few. Being at their best, when their backs are against the wall.

It doesnt follow to be an optimistic and wise, the characteristics is develop through constant practice and natural ways to address any situations that may arise, with planning and systematic approach. It is the practical knowledge and their application in its simplest forms.

Health and Well Being

Saturday, November 8, 2008

All the success that could be attain on reaching one's goals will not serve its purpose unless physical and mental health were not taken care of. Living in a world full of visible and unseen pollutants, synthetic food full of preservatives, mental and physical stress and all other factors maintaining an ideal health is such a formidable task. Knowing might just not be enough, it could be or must be combine with attitude, discipline and determination. These concern becomes a take off point for the birth of health related business at different levels. Health is wealth as what a phrase states and it boils down to be so true, for what is wealth without a good health.
People who are not in good health try to find ways by their means, from the most sophisticated medicines and treatment to the simplest form or conventional ones. At the end of the day, when all the means did not materialize they turn to the most effective one..faith and prayers , complete submisssion of their state to the one UP ABOVE, that created their human body.
A body being at its prime healthy state need not be expensive. Good lifestyle and habit will be of outmost importance. Balance foods and good exercise is the key to healthy living. Next is the goal of having a healthy mind which comes from the way to see and treat things and problems one day at a time. Since stress comes on different forms, it will be on how to manage stress and live a healthy lifestyle in parallel.
It is also best to be aware of the health factors around that could contribute to overall well being depending on the adaptability of the body.
Would like to share few things that could benefit health to daily living.

Good consumption of water to replenish the body system.
Green Tea for detoxification of body .

Another thing which contribute which could be done cause no harm in trying taking a bath with the use of LOOFAH, which aid in good blood circulation that promotes health.

Attaining a good health need not be expensive, it only takes a will to do so.

Holding you Close

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

If wishes do come true,
With dreams of happiness for you
I will always standing near
To cast away your troubles and fear

Speak of caring words more,
For youre the one i truly adore,
In the future i always see
A Beautiful life
For You and Me

The love in my heart will not subside
To someone like you
With someone like you
That makes life light

Will always treasure
The moment we share
For with no one
Nothing could be compare

I will hold you close
In the stillness of the night
Even if it is a dream
Ill pretend to realize

For life will bear true meaning
At the end of time
When i could embrace you tight
For now and for life..

Power to Love

Much have been written, much have been spoken. Great stories of love been read. True to life experiences of how the meaning and essence of love had been expressed in each special ways, not minding of time and place. Till now, the wonder and magic of the feeling remain undefined. Lovers just go through it and savor the moment as if it will to last forever. Each person having their own belief and ways to express the feeling go through all emotional upheaval, some refuse to give up , others tend to fall and stumble down.
Lucky are those who have manage to move on and try to gamble on second chances. They are the ones who value themselves and dont dig on misery of the past. The journey to life is short and fast pace, the period where one could truly find happiness within their hearts might not pass again during the lifetime. It is not easy to seek peace and love, it takes acceptance and open heart to make it all come through. Thinking it keenly, a love full of kindness is a product of a heart full of love.

As you continue to send out love, the energy returns to you in a regenerating spiral... As love accumulates, it keeps your system in balance and harmony. Love is the tool, and more love is the end product.

Sara Paddison, Hidden Power of the Heart


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Look up each day with hope and enthusiasm. At any given moment within the course of the day, an inspiration will give the drive to make the most of the time of each day. Comforting words, feeling of affection and assurance could be conveyed even at a simple ways. Being there , make a big difference. During those troubled times, at feeling of uncertainty and confusion, the presence of a good soul to listen and speak if needed gave value and meaning to a special relationship. It need not come from too much words, it wouldnt need to. The true feeling seek and find ways to do so. On small gestures, on small notes. The sincere actions will relate what is really inside the heart on its natural form. Living refers on anyone options, its a matter of choice. Each day gives a different meaning. It is also a once in a lifetime chance to make the most of it, to savor the gift of life and time. To make use of the most important part and moments of each day.
Thinking that it will not last forever, one must not hold back to show and gave it their best shot, listen to their heart. Find what makes them happy and go for it without hesitation because there could be no second chances at all.
Having someone by the side, to whom the special meaning of each day could be felt is a reason to celebrate and keep the faith in love .


Monday, November 3, 2008

Moments of each day
Bring colors to the vision
Of the phases of gladness
That makes life so beautiful

Unspoken words
The heart will reveal
You are so special
In truth and for real

In your own ways
Your beauty radiates
In your own words
Your character emanates

There are so few
That the world could compare
With how you speak
On life with flair

The heart will adore
Not in time but forevermore
In knowing of someone
Make it whisper in silence and pure

It will not count on days,
Not whisper of the patience,
For moment to be with you
Will complete life essence

The future will remain
With only you the one in my heart
It need not speak of promise
But whisper your name
Now and for always

Stay Happy and Calm

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Imagine every day to be the last of a life surrounded with hopes, cares, anger and fear. The hours that come unexpectedly will be much the more grateful.


Fear never loss its essence in our life, it comes as part of our emotions and existence. In our search for happiness and self fullfillment comes our fear of the consequences it could bring. It goes well with people that have a sincere and honest heart to love deeply and have been love deeply in return, unconditionally, with all the understanding and care.An open mind and motivated attitude could help one go through, but it is important to try to bear the strength to move on. To think of the reason as well as the inspiration, to counter with an outlook of what is in store with the happiness that had been dream on for the future. It will always not be an easy task, it will be an uphill struggle. Mostly for the individual that really cares. The best option could be to hold on to those special friends that cling with, even the worst and best of times. Take time to deep breathly and smile, for the beauty of life and happiness never ends. God loves us so much...and HE will always lift us to the joys and happiness we deserve. Smile and be Glad...GOD loves you for you have a great heart to everyone.

The rose is fairest when 't is budding new,
and hope is brightest when it dawns from fears.

Walter Scott

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