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Love Thyself

Sunday, December 14, 2008
Out of pain comes a good learning experience, love if you would but leave a little for your heart to breath, for in this space comes the strength to move on and live a life you have forgotten to live. It will always worth remembering the joys of giving all the love in the heart..for it better serve the purpose of giving smile and happiness to the one so dearly love.

I will be here

Saturday, December 13, 2008
Time will passes by..
life will goes on...
People will come and go
But the my love for you will remain..
Through each moment of time...

You will be forever in my heart dear..
and I will always be here for you..

Together ...Forever..

Cycle of Life

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

All people goes into his own struggle. In living, loving..relationship alike. Man's prime strength could be drawn by inspiration , of will to do their best , to make the most of his well being. The colors of life shine to the extreme fullfilling the goals they have set to achieve. Going back to the right senses it is important to remember that all of it comes into cycle because nothing is permanent as they say. Somewhere along the way, at a glance, at a wink of an eye, the vision for the future which evolves with a lot of love and inspiration is far from reality.
What comes up, must come down. Win some and lose some. When one door closes, another one opens. That's the cycle of life. Reminiscing of the past might be a factor only to savor that the best have been done then looking ahead that much more better is yet to come. Hard as it may seem , but knowing that the deeds have serve its purpose is good enough.
We only live once, we may never pass this way again. Always be firm with deep conviction of giving your best , the best of yourself from within your mind, body and heart. No need for praises and appreciation, what is important is knowing deep within thyself that true thoughts of caring had been given.
Its a cycle, making someone feel good ...wearing a smile from deep within the heart makes the life journey worthwhile. Be still...share a smile to anyone ..held a hand, love ...live... smile...

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