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Ang Sweetheart Ko

Thursday, November 29, 2007
Ang Sweetheart ko…naku..matalino..laging masaya at syempre maganda, walang buhay ang aking araw kung di ko sya makausap at makasama, ika nga di kumpleto o kulang, iba kasi ang pakiramdam sa tuwing SYA ay aking kasama, iba talaga, mahirap ipaliwanag, naku! kung alam nyo lang ang aking nadarama.
Ang Sweetie ko..ay kakaiba..meron syang katangian na namumukod sa pangkaraniwan,
ang kanyang kakayahan at kaalaman ay isang patunay ng kanyang malawak na karunungan at pang unawa..Sweetie ko!!! Wag tangos ang ilong ha..mahal na mahal kita…Kung sa pakikipag ugnayan, palitan ng kuro kuro at pananaw, sigurado mapapalaban kayo sa Sweetie ko, at lagi syang bukas ibahagi ang kanyang kaalaman para sa walang kapalit na pagbabahagi na karunungan.

Ang Sweeheart ko..hay naku..iba talaga, kaya naman sobra ko syang mahal!! eto laging laman ng aking isipan. Ang totoo, kung ako ay mabigyan ng pagkakataong magsimula muli sa buhay, SYA pa rin ang hahanapin ko…SYA pa rin ang mamahalin ko…kasi nga mahal na mahal ko ang Sweetie ko..

Ang Sweetheart ko..naku..biyaya SYA ng Panginoon sa akin, binigyan nya ng kulay ang aking buhay..binigyan ng kahulugan ito..tinuro nya sa akin ang tunay na paraan at pagbibigay ng pagmamahal, pagmamahal na di naghihintay ng kapalit, isang uri ng pagmamahal na laging naghahangad ng kabutihan ng bawat isa..O..di ba talagang kakaiba ang Sweetheart ko…

Ang Sweetheart ko..lagi SYA sa puso ko..bawat sandali ..bawat oras..hala..basta kahit anong mangyari..ang alam ng puso ko ay “Mahal na Mahal ko ang Sweetheart ko..!!”

Far Yet Near (Prelude on Missing You..)

You mean so much to me,
My love for you was so intense..
I could wander on all places,
With all the time..
But my heart and mind
Will stay with thoughts of “You”

I love you with all my heart..
With all my mind..
With all my body..
I might be so far afar
But only by mere distance
It might be on my absence
But only through mind

My heart will endlessly whisper of your love..
Of loving you always..
With much care of love it will be longing to share
I might be far in body yet near and close by heart…
For this heart will always beat closer
Closer and near to your heart..
I love you so much…
Far yet Near ..With all the love here in my heart..

Wishful Thinking

Saturday, November 24, 2007
Wish do sometimes come true,
Most have their own personal wishes in their mind,
Some are plain and simple,
Some are broad and complicated
No matter what they are, it always feels good to wish
It is for the reason that one has aim or goals

We usually became what we think
We usually get our earnest desires
The drive set the goals to achieve
And eventually the body follows,
Focus and Determination play the big part
And Inspiration added as well

Good Life…Great Love..
Fine Friends…Wonderful Time..
The best one could get in this life!!
Wishful Thinking that could be achieve..
And it would only start with a wish,
A desire to give the best!

I had a simple wish though,
And I had put it all in my heart…
With all the earnest desire..
And that wish is to be with “You”

Each Special Day

Thursday, November 22, 2007
On each day, morning brings a glimpse of moment on life,
During the course, an encounter with different events varies which brings either fulfilment or resentment. Since life is a struggle, the way it was handled and approach
depend on different factors. Great personality and tenacity will largely contribute to go through the daily battle that one undergo during the most challenging period of his life.
Though everybody dream of an ideal or even perfect life, no one could deny the fact that the vision comes only in scheme and truth dictates that challenges and struggles was a part of human life and his very existence.

Simple Thoughts, Optimistic Vision..Basic Living and Positive approach to all challenges that comes along the way is one good practice to start with. It is one that goes without saying the need for constant guidance and prayers from our friends and love ones. Laughters, Songs, Warm Embrace, Jokes and Humors that no amount of money could buy. Those shared moments of joys will forever etch and stay in our hearts and mind. Going through on “Each Special Day” , wearing that big hope and smile in our hearts,
giving peace and love with a vision of taking our fellowman as “Special People” too , no matter who they are, will bring life fulfilment at its best.

Bring “Each Special Day” closer to the heart, and in doing so..fill the heart with love without restrictions ..without condition, for each people deserve to share the caring and love , God had given to us ..the unconditional love that give us this wonderful life.


Sunday, November 18, 2007
Moments would simply pass by.. just like hours,
Like days..
But Love in its deepest feeling will remain,
When two hearts find each other,
Love will strengthen to hold on together..
Time has its golden moments,
Of a great love given to one another,
A love full of giving and sharing..
Of warm embraces and sweet kisses,
To give the love one the best of oneself

To cherish the best ..
To not wither in challenge..
But stronger in all aspirations,
Without selfish reasons,
But essence of one true love
Of giving
Of Sharing
Of Loving
With one heart..one love..one life..
Bonded by true love ,
Through the test of time..

Nature's Bounty

Wednesday, November 14, 2007
Fresh green grass with crystal clear dew
Gentle Breeze of cold season winds,
Sparkling colors of forest flowers,
Cool natural scent of mystic rivers,
Sweet chirping of wildlife birds,
Echoes the bounty life the world brings..

These natures bounty gives sigh of hope,
That most generation would love to sing,
The beauty of nature people would care,
To preserve these living things,
Human Being Share..

Foreclosed Houses

Monday, November 12, 2007
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Bridging Gap

Cultural Differences, traditions, values differ with every kind of people with different ethnicity. Beliefs and clashes of ideas surmise that overtook human values and develop into conflict that brought out violence to higher degree.
Still its good to know that once or even many times there are few good men with visions of goodwill arise to bridge the gap that divides some nations and its people to unite with common wisdom of peace, love and unity. Gandhi, Luther King, Mandela and other great man of their times stood and fought to bring out a memorable legacy to generations that would live forever as vital part of history.

Peace of Mind

Wednesday, November 7, 2007
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Hands of Time

Tuesday, November 6, 2007
In this life journey, we came across with different people, friends, relationship that sometimes develop into such deep bond. Intimate moments shared develop into more intense feelings, sense of belongings that give us the gladness and comfort with love, care and friendship that would forever be part of our lives. Our emotions being based on natural love and human kindness would go farther to share with the individual that gave us those Precious moments willingly..without reasons,,without restrictions...Truly­, it is hard to find someone whom you could share the innermost part of yourself ..without reasons...but full of love...If the Hands of Time could only be hold on..i would keep it during those happy times that we give the best of our selves to each other...

Hold my Hand

Hold my Hand

In this world of uncertainties,

Of doubts and fears..

It would be great to find, one true heart..

Lies, deception subdued honesty,

Honest pure love rarely exists,

It brings pain when everything comes to an end,

And the power to grasp the happiness is way beyond reach,

Everyone dream to be, as happy as what life could be

But what would someone could do

If it is really not meant to be so,

Once in our life, we love the most

To give the best to care , love and share first and foremost,

Hold my hand and bear with me,

For the love I ‘ll give you will set us free

With all the glory the world will see

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