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Love Growns Deep

Tuesday, October 21, 2008
People in love describe the feeling as simply magical. How the feeling grows through time , no one knows, the degree of intense feeling , happiness within only lovers could see. No matter how it started, though bumping with each other in some unexpected places or through constant interaction doesnt matter, for the relationship it will always be special. Freedom of self expression that comes from deep within the heart goes with special ways to send the feeling with a person unique ways. The method it is conveyed differs, some prefer to do by surprises, other express it in a very silent caring words , while there were who do it loudly, expressively and proudly. Whatever what tomorrow brings, whatever the outcome of a wonderful magical relationship, it always be worth remembering for these make the life interesting that add all the bright colors in living. Dont hold your heart on falling, it is one wonderful feeling . Its all worth falling in love..love..love..over and over again.
Let's love grows deep within the passage of time and let it lingers on forever.


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