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Words and Actions

Friday, October 24, 2008
Emotions affects human behaviour. Reactions to communications adhere and reflect human vulnerbility to buckle down to temptations. No sinner no saint, is not a valid reason, even the words..only human. The strong character to be true even when the rough times passes by will be a enormous feat. It is not always the scenario, but given such trials will be a test of human resistance to hold the right principles of honesty that begets trust. The cycle of in denials goes with it, in an effort to bail out a wrong action that might affect others even unknowingly. Time and events that have pass by and done will never be the same. Nothing will change, but only to serve a lesson, painful lesson in life that in the end will serve a good purpose to be a better person. Every person goes through their struggle in life, the one that holds tight and heavy is those that had been so close to their personal life. No matter the consequences are, nothing will change ,, lessons serve well and the future holds for a good change...without hopes..but only a vision.


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