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Missing You

Wednesday, October 10, 2007
My days were always empty..longing for you..
Time seems to stoodstill with thoughts of you..
Your smile..your laughters..your songs...your kindness
Teary eyed..for the loneliness i felt..without you..
...i could feel the difference of what a wonderful moments could have been..
Without you...living another day is always a struggle,
i love every part of you...every moments shared with you..every laughters ..every song...
I miss you so much..my dearest...

Thoughts of You

Monday, October 8, 2007
Mere thoughts of you..make me smile when i'm feeling blue.. My mind lingers and wander of Precious moments that we shared..
Of intimate words i give..of loving and caring ways that is unspoken..holding on to the time..keeping it in my heart...Loving you...is a intense feeling that i would always treasure even through passage of time..it brought my heart and mind into deep feeling of dire wish that i could share a beautiful life with you ...one day...in life's bountiful silence and and serenity.
A simple beautiful and joyful life..where we could endlessly share our mind...our thoughts..our love...our body..with one vision of giving all our ourselves..the best inside of us..
With all the caring and understanding..with all the love..Love that is pure in form and essence..brought about by deep sense of commitment and faith..
Love that would last a lifetime...Love that doesnt grow old..One great love for each other..Love that was meant for you and me...
Forever ...for Always...

By Your Side

Being here..thinkin of you..your ways..your thoughts..all of you..give me this very light feeling that blows my heart..With you and being “by your side” makes me complete..emptiness doesn’t takes its place..you keep me inspired..you keep me going..you keep me in love..ah..if I could hold on the hands of time for these precious moments to last..

Words were not enough to express the feeling just being with you..by your side..people would wonder with my foolish schemes and ways and I would not mind for I know that deep in my heart that “I truly love you..” and I love being with you and I ‘m really happy just being “By Your Side”..

Staring at your glowing eyes..and wonderful smile..just make my day worthwhile..
I want to be with you for the rest of my life…

Shadows of Doubts

Fear of being hurt that would tear the feeling inside..
Afraid of unforeseen moment to come that would make the heart lame..
The deep love tries to reach out..for the feelings it wanted to keep..
Dreams of sharing beautiful life would torments the shadow of doubts..
In the future , would try to foresee,
Happy moments for you and me..
For my heart would always be..
Wishing you will be forever with me…
In my heart you will remain…
The only one I would adore just the same
For in you..i found one woman with wonderful heart and mind

You will stay in that special place in my heart and soon we will never part
Cause this love I have for you will last
For each moment and the rest of my life…
Hold on to me …Sweetheart…


In Solitude, there were often memories of different events in our past lives. It could be one that could make us grin or shake our head off. Wishes of words and things that could have been said or done..that might have turn the events the other way around. Often called “Regrets” , which if further be evaluated was a hindrance to moving on..it is interesting to note that keeping an open mind and leaving all regrets would make us a better person as a whole.

We can find inner peace in Solitude , if only the capability to infuse and transform the inner feelings to a positive approach to life , taking it with ease and putting the focus on optimistic view of the future that lies ahead.

If the mind will think it further..having a peaceful happy contented life was just within our hand..
We have just to embrace it…
and reach out…

It’s a choice…

Love is Real

I love you with all my heart, with all the sincerity and passion..
my ways..my thoughts..my vision.. it goes on one way of finding you,
Wherever i am..whatever i'm doing..

The thought of you give me hope and joy, it makes me smile..looking for each brand new day..
Looking for the future and the beauty of life..with firm conviction..

To love and cherish you...
With all my strength..
With all my heart...
With all my love...

On this day, i maybe reaching for an elusive dream..
i maybe looking in a wilderness..i maybe shooting for the star..
but i doesnt matter..for i wont see no reason..
I wont take no distraction..
I wont see no illusion...I will go on and keep on loving you..
Of giving my deepest love to you..
As long as i could..as long as life take its due course..
For i know that this love deep down here in my heart ..
is for Real...

I love you so much...my Dearest...

Oct. 8, 2007 Mon
8:10 am Doha , Qatar
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