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Matters of the Heart

Saturday, October 4, 2008
In the span of time, shared moments have shine. Good deeds and notions became part of that entwined. Will never cease to feel , the beauty of thee, for in thy heart you will always be. Wishes of good life i can always hear, when the feeling is down , lifting the spirits for real. Righteous way to live a life had been stated clear, simple vision to bear each burden with conviction to what is real. Never heard of inspiring words, that wake the mind to be just fair. It will forever be a goal that will be aspire to seek. Colors will stay bright with the words shared in the night. It will not forever fade for it echoes within the heart. Gratitude makes life worthwhile with shared moments sinking through the inner self. And when tomorrow comes, the day will break with the smile that been brought when your by the side. The feeling keeps growing and will not cease to die, the hope will always ring, to hear the heartbeat as it sing.


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