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Unspoken Messages

Sunday, October 26, 2008
Within the inner self, heart and mind collides. One with deep emotions and the other with rational thinking. Some words unspoken for it goes through the tide of fears, of indifference in views, in anticipation of the defense mechanism to protect each other of being hurt. Love is one very broad emotional feeling, one reason why two people in love really goes for a lot of period to find each other. Partners and couples in a relationship, goes through a lot of trials before finally knowing and see each other through the eyes of real love. The way to do and see things, the concept of believing in one principle base on what is real. People have different ways of loving, it makes each person unique. The thing that matters is if that way will be appreciated in return. When love strucks, even a single small token of love matters, even a small note of caring means a lot. The feeling to be wanted sometimes need to be whisphered even with a glance. Love being the most wonderful feeling, comes and hit a person regardless of time, place and race. It comes on the most unexpected places, events, moments. If time and consequences of the heart make it subsides, the love will remain in the inner core of the people in love ..for a lifetime. To keep the love on its beautiful state whenever it begins, and wherver it ends will keep us on a joyful moment for we have been in love and the feeling is so beautiful. Love will remain...and it will stay for keeps.


  1. Pau-pau said...

    Hi Thanks for the visit, I think I'll be here more often. Your blog would be a great help for me. I'll add you to my blog list

    October 26, 2008 at 3:17 AM  

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