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Saturday, October 18, 2008
To express oneself, to prove a feeling which is transparent in nature could go on a cylce of real life questions. It goes well, when honesty had been tainted. No matter where it goes, it is natural that doubt will arise on the sincerity of intentions. Emotions will run low, but going on by the real senses, the root comes from not holding on to what is rightfully done. It is a defense mechanism to go on alibis which will not synchronize with the right reason and decision.
The human desire dont always follow whats in the heart and mind, but for all the right reason if love really want to be in its truest sense, honesty must prevail, nothing more ,, nothing less. Words of love, wisdom for happiness, sharing life simple pleasures ..There's more to life, its only a matter of time and tenacity.No one could compare with a life shared with someone so special and very dear to the heart, the long road to this journey must never stop, even a clear view of the light at the end..cannot be seen ... It takes a true love to start the journey, where it will end , no one could see... it worth loving one special person anyway..finding one is very rare these days.


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