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The Love in my Heart

Sunday, March 16, 2008
In my heart..you will forever stay..in my mind , images of you prevails..my love for you..nurtured by time, by intense feeling to show how much i care..you will forever be the best part of my life.

As i go along the pathways of life, words and wisdom and even perspective will give me the strength to go on. The courage to look at the positive side of things, to look beyond every hope, every chance ..on the brighter side of life, to see within each moment ..the reason beyond..and the way to accept events as they were bound to happen.

The heart will take your inspiration as the greatest shield. In doing so, appreciation for being there as for always, to listen and share . The Love in my heart..cant define..how much it care..for someone so wonderful as "You". When it beats..it always give the rhytym of the loveliness and wonder of you. " I love you so much.."

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