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Pusong Nagmamahal

Thursday, March 29, 2007
Bakit ganito ang puso ko..sobrang nagmamahal ngunit laging nagkakamali..wala, wala ng magagawa ang ano mang pagsisisi..talagang lungkot lang ang pupuntahan ng buhay..wala ng iba..talo kasi ng puso mo ang isip mo...di siya makasabay..sa agos ng buhay..kahit anong panahon di ka na matututo puso..ang kirot ay di na maglalaho..

Unconditonal Love and Time Frame

Saturday, March 24, 2007
Unconditional love...unselfish ways..giving..letting go..sacrifice..the best form an individual could give to the one she/he loved most..it emotes the supreme sacrifice of being hurt for the good of the other..It was given to human being by the Lord, and passed on to only few individuals gifted with that strong will and emotions to give without expecting any thing in return..People like these should be loved Forevermore..Endlessly...

In Your Eyes

When i look into your eyes..i was so inspired to do and give the best in me..i can feel the earnest desire that one day we could be united in love and life..i can see through your eyes the very precious feeling i have long been searching for all my life..your eyes glows with passion and love that could make my heart soaring up high..i could now clearly envision why i love this life and keep on moving on..because i know in each and every corner of my heart..my love for you stays..i love you so much...Sweetie..

Gladness Within

Tuesday, March 20, 2007
i'm sitting here in the breakfast table, still feeling the wondeful slumber i have been last night..what a light feeling of body,heart and mind had been on me going through this very wonderful day, i have feel the happiest moment of my life..i would never forget this forever..i have never been through this before and i want to share to you that i would give my very best to worthy of the love you have given with me...this would be very special for i know it all comes
from the heart..i love you very much..sweetheart..thank you for your love..and thank you for
always being there...take care...have a great day..

Love Like You've Never Been Hurt

Monday, March 19, 2007
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Fools Rush In

Taking a feel free barefoot walk at fine shoreline,
Catching the fresh blown air touching our face,
while glancing at those sweet nature endowments,
And feeling life's freedom at its best,
Enriching our souls with all these bounty,
and bringing our tired mind and body to a deeply gifted rest,
In time, you're bound and soon will realize..
That moment of time were just at your side,
To really savor to this gift called Life..

Inside my Heart

It dwells..
It radiates...
It emanates..
The pulses and beats...
The dangles and frills..
That fluctuates continously on..
without restrictions,
like balancing on a tight rope,
then plunging on deep cool waters!!
like going on an uphill climb,
then banging down upside down!!!

thats what been going on...
inside My Heart...

Life is Beautiful

Sunday, March 18, 2007
As we travel with life uncertainties,we encounter the hardest trials that goes with
our very own existence,emotions run high enduring all the pains..We sometimes standstill and often wonder have we have gone through,getting up after all the setbacks and struggles..moving on and not giving up in pursue of our goals and dreams.Experience teaches us to be tough on handling unexpected situations.To each his Own become the battlecry of each soldier of fortune..Tested by time and endurance we go through life armed with firm conviction,ambition and aspiration..because after all Life would be Beautiful...

Kasi Wala Ka

Panahon walang kulay..
Oras laging naghihintay,
Sandali parang tumambay,
Mga ngiti di maibigay,
Lungkot laging sumasabay,
Sa mga araw na ikaw ay nawalay,
Katawan ay laging matamlay,
Kasiyahan ay di masilay,
Giliw ko,ikaw ang buhay,
Hinahanap ka at laging hinihintay,
Bukas ay wala ng saysay
Pag di kapiling habang buhay


Saturday, March 17, 2007
In the stillness of Night,
Mind floats..
with grins and schemes,
Of foolish conceited rude actions,
By overwhelmed emotions,
brought by time of enduring admiration..
Of someone so cool and full of life's aspiration,
The heart nimbled with the inside feeling,
of the mind's struggle to cool reaction..
To the body that's Crazy and excited to be with
time and people

Katawang di mapakali

Friday, March 16, 2007
lakad...walang direksyon...kung saan ipadpad ng pagkakataon, makatagpo ng kaibigan at magsimula ng walang kwenta ngunit masayang kwentuhan,buhay pinoy,kwentong barbero..
mga saltik ng kamay sa mga nais na di nagawa,ang palad ilalagay sa baba at bubulong kaya ko pa kaya? Mga biro at patawa ay darating ngunit sa isip para lang wala..nakatanaw sa malayo at natutulala,pilit na ngiti na lang ang nakakawala..Sa muling pagmulat,diwa ay nagising..na nasa tunay na buhay ang dapat pansinin, walang dapat pagsisihan sa mga nagdaan,pagkat laging sa buhay may liwanag na dadaan. Buntong hininga pinakawalan at tawa ay binigay,upang puso at isipan ay sumigla at mabuhay!!!

The Beauty in You

Unpredicatble moods..
Surprising character..
Glows in your eyes and the magic in your laughters,
give me an intense admiration,
to even know you more,
mind, body and spirit..
You were a woman of great personality,
there's magic deep within you,
that could transcend with other hearts,
A day would never be complete without you,
There would be a stilled moments not feeling your presence,
The Joy you bring will never cease to be remembered,
You're an extra ordinary wonderful woman and that's The Beauty within YOU..

vee/ru 16/03/07

Masarap Magmahal

Ang sarap ng damdamin di mo maintindihan...laging magaan ang pakiramadam,parang gusto mo laging isulat,sabihin o kahit isigaw ang laman ng puso at isipan, parang di mo namamalayan ang paglipas ng oras,yong saya sa dibdib di mo maipaliwanag at kahit gawin mo di nila maiintindihan,mahiwaga talaga pero masarap...totoo yata na nakakabaliw ang damdaming ito..pero ayaw mong mawala,gusto mong laging nandon,gusto mong laging ipadama..kahit walang katugon...maipadama lang..masaya..masarap...Masarap Magmahal....

Matter of Time and Place

Wednesday, March 14, 2007
The World is such a wonderful place to live...beyond all the turmoils and disasters..GOD had created and given us all the freedom to savor all the beautiful places and people all around us,he had given us those corners and wilderness that we could freely wrap our body and spirits,
Still it would be a matter of place and time, our life was on focus with all our wishes and visions that make us forget to LIVE..
Though events on our life were bound to happen,living a FULL LIFE always remain an elusive goal and dream, i believe there were no such perfect formula for Happiness, it would be that it would be on how we could attain the Peace of Mind..by being at peace with ourselves..deep within ourselves...emanates all the heavy feelings in our heart and mind,develop the positive outlook to share this beautiful wonderful life gifted by HIM without conditions..without restrictions...share life with others...enjoy life at its best...live life as simply as we can bearing the
Peace of Mind..Heart and Spirits..Happiness were just at hand..its inside of us..We just have to live life leaning to God..in our heart and mind..patiently in God's time..

Idle Minds

Memories of the past keeps lingering....
thoughts of still moments...
that makes us ponder..
with the brightness of days..
and stillness of the nights..
mysteries of pains and the magic of laughters,
Of how life transcends..
How frienship develops and love ends..
Still we stand tall..
With all the strength that cope..
Of these Life's endless struggles..

Letting these braveheart to the challenges ahead,
To move on with all serenity, with firm conviction and aspiration
to aspire on the dreams we long to be...
And in the end of this Life's journey..
The Peace of Mind are there to be,
our company to Eternity...

God Bless our Journey...

all rights reserved@1012 june

Essence of Love

On our daily life...love plays a vital part of our human existence....why do we fall...emotions on belongings and gladness always takes its toll..they say happiness was a state of mind and heart
we simply became so happy with just simple jokes that makes us laugh out loud and this brings
the best feeling inside of us..this develop into a feeling of joy that no amount of money could buy...thanks for the laughter...thanks for the time...you are always in my heart....In this word
of odds and ends..it would be very seldom and rare to find someone as wonderful and jolly as YOU...one in a million you...

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