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Unconditional and Time Frame

Tuesday, September 18, 2007
Unconditional love...unselfish ways..giving..letting go..sacrifice..the best form an individual could give to the one she/he loved most..it emotes the supreme sacrifice of being hurt for the good of the other..It was given to human being by the Lord, and passed on to only few individuals gifted with that strong will and emotions to give without expecting any thing in return..People like these should be loved Forevermore..Endlessly...

In Your Eyes

When i look into your eyes..i was so inspired to do and give the best in me..i can feel the earnest desire that one day we could be united in love and life..i can see through your eyes the very precious feeling i have long been searching for all my life..your eyes glows with passion and love that could make my heart soaring up high..i could now clearly envision why i love this life and keep on moving on..because i know in each and every corner of my heart..my love for you stays..i love you so much...Sweetie..

Schemes and Dreams

Everyone of us dream to be someone someday,at the same time plan our needs and dreams,of all the glory this life would bring,Wonderful Houses,stable jobs,outstanding education,we tend to program our lives and forecast targets, as determined as we are,we develop the burning and earnest desire to pursue our dreams regardless of any obstacles that would go along the way..But when we stumble and fall,we shook our head and ask Where have i gone wrong?I have done my best..Suffice to say that guidance and blessings from HIM were not considered,We forget that there is a Master Planner UP and HE masterpieces all our schemes and dreams of our life, the desires of our heart must all be layed upon HIM for all of these will be UPON us in HIS TIME.


Laughters..i wonder what gladness it brings to one heart..it stretch all the muscles in our face,the heart tumbles and the mind blown out of proportion..ah..if we could only fill all our hearts with laughters even for a moment of a day,this world will surely lessen the hatred and fears,resentments and grudges,people will share wonderful moments of joys..and everyone will look forward to another day of enchanting moments...Keep laughing..but not by yourself!!!!ha.ha.ha.

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