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Sunday, October 5, 2008
There is no permanent thing in this world except change. A line often read. Truly, there are no certainty with life, with living. No one knows what the future will bring. In earnest desire and because of the nature within itself to secure financial stability for the sake of our love ones, the best effort is concentrated on the preparation of their future needs. Under any given circumstances, the establishment of securing and investing the needed resources for their needs at the form of necessity became the prime goal. At the end of it , success is still indeed uncertain. It will still depend on the enthusiasm and determination to reach the goal that have been trusted to achieve.
Relationship goes into this kind of cycle as well, partners should always be flexible with each other. Love bears sacrifices and no guarantee with the feelings involve. Each could savor the beauty of love as each day passes by, but in doing so, having an open mind that no matter how deep it is, nothing last forever. That's the reality each one should take. The precious moment spend with each other will always be magical, the happiness it brings will always worth remembering, but keeping the view of uncertainty should also be always there. No one wants to get hurt, no one wants to give pain either, but its part of loving, no certainty. And loving , by keeping it on mind will be a good way to love.


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