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To Live with Meaning

Friday, November 14, 2008

The world is one big arena of survival. As people goes through living with different ideas and concepts, a good and better plan does not always guarantee of the attainment of peace and happiness. The phrase, no one knows what tomorrow brings holds true to its meaning. It it because nothing is permanent and even good things that comes good at the present, at a certain point of time and as situation arises , changes had to be made and accepted.

Everyone seek happiness, by their own definition , on their own personal view.

There could be parallel ideas , but in truth it could not be exactly the same. To share and savor those, need deep emotional understanding of each other. Without selfish inclination but willingness to give the big part of oneself without expectations. That will give the true value of one intention. A heart ready to give, a mind ready to understand, a body willing to be there for always.

All of these need not come on big package, with precious value but on simple ways of expressing love and care , nothwithstanding time and place. To Live with Meaning..is the constant awareness that big part of the beautiful life had been shared with the most important person in life. Knowing that happiness given makes a heart glad is enough. After all, life real meaning is to be of a small blessing to the one we really love.

Be always a whisper of love in the air...even without a sound..it feels so good.


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