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Love Will Find its Way

Monday, November 24, 2008

The beauty of love lies on being patient with the tide of emotions that goes with it. At any given point and time, the eagerness to give the feelings deep inside dwells within the inner side of the heart. Love is the most precious above anything , it gives strength and inspiration, it brings joys and fullfillment and all other happiness to life. Though it comes at a different degree, a one true special endearing love so close to the heart remains. This will be the most cherish one for each person. It has a very different meaning and depth because the closeness of feeling had been develop through the years, just like whisper in the air..that echoes the image and sweetness of a dearly beloved. Each story of relationship always had a special touch of unique ways on sharing a relationship, the difference lies on the personality and way of lovers to reciprocate to the feeling. Some do it on small notion of caring, of giving the very core of inner self.
At any given situation, of ups and downs, of triumphs and success, of laughters and tears, love will find a way to be patient with time and place, for the hope of being together . To share life and love at its brightest and happiest moment in life.
Simply by being together, with a sweet smile..a warm embrace, to last a lifetime.


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