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Speak Softly Love

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Feelings expressed in silence hold much deeper meaning. It goes beyond. Unspoken words stored within the inner core of the heart wiil find ways to go through by any means. With simplicity of thoughts comes the desire to give what is endearing to the heart. It is on the reason, by just knowing, "that happiness brought by giving love, bring the same feeling of gladness in the heart" much even more.
Finding one true Love is a once in a lifetime chance. It comes on the most unexpected places and time. Some movies call it "Magic", the word maybe use because the feeling could be magical, hard to express. Two people finding each other,listening the echoes of their hearts, sharing their life unmindful of space, time and place. Holding and gazing each other as if they will never be apart, as if it will lasts for a lifetime.

The beauty of love lies on sharing the intense feeling as it happens, living with the time and making the most of it. The future is not to be seen, but the present could be made more meaningful and much more beautiful. Lost love will be forgotten by the passage of time, moving on without regrets is the key, after all loving makes one happy even for a moment. Just think of how beautiful love is , and look ahead to find a "very special Love" in your heart.


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