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Love and Time

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Cannot be at two places at a time. If i only could. Moments will not slip away to spent the most precious with you. As every beat of the clock passes by, just like the beat of the heart, one could only dream and wish it to be with the one , you dearly love. Though no one could go against the tide of reality of situation and present times, the time to give and express the love will hold no barrier. It will go through, as always.

The love will remain patient, so it could see and give all whats in the heart for the happiness of the other. On simple thought and deeds, of warm expression of the feelings. Whatever tomorrow brings, the heart will be full of gladness, for it learn to know love on a deeper meaning. Of seeing the beauty of a person on her special ways. On that clear knowledge, a smile in the heart will remain forever.

Love dont always go with the time. But having one special person to share beautiful moments is what matters at all. The happiness it brings transcends the real meaning of living, of happiness, of belonging.

Will not always be together, but bear in your mind and heart, i will be there by your side with my heart and spirit.

Its only a matter of time. Love will find each other, in God's time and by HIS will.


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