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Health and Well Being

Saturday, November 8, 2008

All the success that could be attain on reaching one's goals will not serve its purpose unless physical and mental health were not taken care of. Living in a world full of visible and unseen pollutants, synthetic food full of preservatives, mental and physical stress and all other factors maintaining an ideal health is such a formidable task. Knowing might just not be enough, it could be or must be combine with attitude, discipline and determination. These concern becomes a take off point for the birth of health related business at different levels. Health is wealth as what a phrase states and it boils down to be so true, for what is wealth without a good health.
People who are not in good health try to find ways by their means, from the most sophisticated medicines and treatment to the simplest form or conventional ones. At the end of the day, when all the means did not materialize they turn to the most effective one..faith and prayers , complete submisssion of their state to the one UP ABOVE, that created their human body.
A body being at its prime healthy state need not be expensive. Good lifestyle and habit will be of outmost importance. Balance foods and good exercise is the key to healthy living. Next is the goal of having a healthy mind which comes from the way to see and treat things and problems one day at a time. Since stress comes on different forms, it will be on how to manage stress and live a healthy lifestyle in parallel.
It is also best to be aware of the health factors around that could contribute to overall well being depending on the adaptability of the body.
Would like to share few things that could benefit health to daily living.

Good consumption of water to replenish the body system.
Green Tea for detoxification of body .

Another thing which contribute which could be done cause no harm in trying taking a bath with the use of LOOFAH, which aid in good blood circulation that promotes health.

Attaining a good health need not be expensive, it only takes a will to do so.


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