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The Lives we Touch

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Each person have different insights and personality.It is on this note that individual differences arise on each relationship. However, it does not come as a hindrance to a genuine desire to make a difference in each other lives, not all person had this view. Very rare for an individual to take an extra mile just to be of good influence to a person. Sheer determination is one special traits that makes the effort quite fruitful. Patience, understanding and a huge amount of concern complete the unselfish task of bringing a glimpse of life to a lost soul. It is not an easy task, it is a join effort of heart and mind. To love and understand, whatever the hindrances and struggles might be.

Whatever the outcome, it is good to remember that nothing is lost, in fact the good deeds will never fade in the heart of the one being cared. It will forever be her good reason to live. In prayers, those at any point of time could be the big reason to make good of self and live a life envisioned by the friend who stand up with the test of time, nothwithstanding others and bringing hope with prayers and good will to make it through the rain.

The lives we touch, will be a standing legacy of how we view life on a very wonderful perspective. Bringing , sharing joys, triumps and success and the most important of all sharing life and love, at any point in time..big or small.
Bring a smile in your heart... you have made other lives worth living.


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