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All About You

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

In each passing day, the thought of YOU, makes me feel glad about the life i live. More to life, you gave a deeper meaning and colors with the way you share yourself to me. In your special way of being just the way you are...is good enough , the essential way of being what is the real YOU. Not everyone had a chance to find a wonderful person to share their life with.

It could be a once in a lifetime chance, one of life's beautiful blessings.

In my life i wander through time and places, with different people, as i sit in serenity and look back on the moments we have been together, coudnt help but wonder that all of what i have been will just be empty if YOU were not part of it. The most meaningful part of me , the best i have done comes real with you giving me the spirit to bring out what deep inside me which give me confidence to go on. In stride you make me know that being true and living on what is real, is the foremost in life.

I love everything ...all about you..as i love you in person, your whole character...the way you are..i might not keep on saying about the deep intense feeling, i will keep it into my heart but show it by my own little way, with all the care.

Time will pass by, life will goes on as it should. Moments will slip away, but not the love that i will always be giving and sharing, even without a word, but all the thoughts and deeds my heart could dare. YOU ..All About YOU is all that matters, mostly your heart, for you will always be the only one i will love and TRULY love at my lifetime.

I love you..and i will love you more ..not today but until i live...you gave and show me the real meaning of love, in its most simplest form with all sincere intentions. With it, i will go through the tide of this intense feeling of deep love for you not only now but for always.


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