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Love and Peace..Peace and Love

Saturday, September 20, 2008
Emotions as part of human being runs through the veins of each individuals going on deep emotional commitment much more on relationships like friends or lovers. Being in love is one of the most exciting and memorable phase of life. The moments of passion that goes with constant care, concern..as well as intense companionhsip, camarederie dwells deeply in each other heart that brings growth in a person and a vision of a shared good and wonderful life together in the future.
A small note, a quick hug, sit on the lap,gentle sweet kisses complimented with a very warm love gave the bonding a deep colorful tone. No one yet could define the degree of happiness and feeling on these period of intense emotional moment. The balance of events, consequences and things counter some of these. As in any other form on known contradictions, right or wrong, positive and negative, up and down comes losers and winners on their own right. As what is on natural phenomena, everything that goes up must comes down.
During the course of any relationships even how ideal it may be, comes those turbulent times. The ability to cope with these is such a great task that depend on the emotional stability, the courage to settle disputes however the magnitude is. No one comes close to good communication and open mind that adopts to reality.
Words like Trust, Respect, Honesty were all pleasant to the ears and was such a good virtue, but as always been observe is better said than done, because of all the temptation the crosses on the path. Being subjected to lot of trials, most could not bear to the promise and commitment to love and honesty.
Love complement peace, moving on takes time, but can be gain through living with the reality of the world we live.


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