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Seek to Understand

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Jealousy, Hatred, Regrets, Selfishness some negative emotions that once in a while arises within the inner self. Human emotions as part of life brings these all because there is the need for comfort and love which is natural to human being. The balance to counter the sadness with joy, the failure with success and all other contrasting components of life adds to the mystery of making out of those struggles. Looking back at the past, it is sometimes unbelievable to comprehend how one could be able to move on. One of the most interesting and most magical feeling of all, the universal language of the heart called love could be define as the most complicated one. How two different people, different personality, attitude and views could find each other is such a wonderful sight to see. Many have tried, some failed, few have succeed. Relationship need constant assurance as well as deep intense love with unselfish understanding. The line is hard to achieve, it is parallel to unconditional love. Looking through the eyes of love with one very thought of giving it all for the happiness of the other. Understanding the heart by intense listening to its heartbeat, defying and setting aside own personal desires.

One great love seek to understand beyond any reasons, without doubts but with all the love in the heart. Unmindful of time and place. Without a trace, without a word, love that is real, just stay for good.


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