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You'll Be in my Heart

Friday, December 14, 2007
I have love you with all my heart..
It blossom from deep within upon knowing how wonderful you are,
You gave life its great meaning,
We might be apart, but distance seems doesnt exists,
I can feel your warmth, your love..that i coudnt compare to no one,

I will go just for a moment,
For i know emptiness will fill me,
On going on through life..
The best part which is knowing ..loving you..and having the love in return
You have shown me the best,
In matter of understanding
Of reasons
Of acceptance

I know the love deep inside my heart will endure
With the passage of time
For you show me the meaning and ways
Of one unconditional love
In all its essence

Sweetheart...You'll always be in my heart...
Forever be the best reason of living
And the best part of my life..
You'll be in my heart...
Because..i do truly love you
My heart whisper it too..


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