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Walking With “You” ( A Heart Wish for a Wonderful Love)

Sunday, December 2, 2007
Walking with “You” on pathways of luscious green grass,
A cold winter breeze blowin our hair and caress our faces,
Chirping birds and Rainforest stood by us in serenity,
The most wonderful and lovely moment for just “You” and Me

I could dream of moment in time,
With all the people and places in mind,
But only on being with “You”
I know I could find happiness clearly define
With all the simplicity and natural beauty
And the true essence of a woman,
There’s no one I could see
As lovely as “You” can be

With all the thoughts I medidate,
There’s nothing I could compare,
For “You” and I have share,
The most beautiful love no one could dare

In my heart , I will forever keep,
The glow in your eyes and the magic in your smile,
The laughter in your soul and the inner peace in your mind
Deep emotions of love will stay with me,
For in our love , I’m at peace
That our hearts will embrace always at ease

We will walk together , hand in hand
To travel to life…with love and care,
Come with me,
Hold my hand, lets walk side by side unmindful of time..
That we will stay in love,
To last a lifetime..
I will lift you in air and embrace you tight
For I don’t want to lose you ..
I love you…I really do....


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