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Wonderful Year..Great Time..Lovely Person

Saturday, December 29, 2007
The year's about to end, but it will leave a wondeful moment in time when i have met and loved the one love person for the first time in my life. She had that magic in everything she does, makes a day light and bubbly. Ah ..cant describe how she makes the big difference in my life, i have found a deepest sense of meaning to know that there someone as wondeful as she was.

The year great! and it will remain forever in my heart..in my life..
If i could pull back the hands of time..i will always rewind it during those precious moments i spend with you...i couldnt notice the passage of time..for i want to be always with you..
This is a Lord gift and i'm very thankful of HIM for letting me be part of you..I wish words could let you know how much i care and how much i love you...

Happy New Year Sweetheart!!! I Love you so Dearly....


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