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Love will find a way

Thursday, December 13, 2007
Though sometimes storm passes by and test our tenacity,
The belief in one honest love will wither it,
True love always seek to understand,
See beyond reasons..and share the inner self..

It protrude of not giving in to selfishness,
But on being fair in judgement..
It doesnt mind being hurt,
Just seeing the one true love with a smile in his heart

Love find its way to the inner core of the heart,
The link on kindness, mutual growth and understanding
Love dont seek to blame,
But to open the mind and heart
On reality of learning to love with no conditions

Love bears the happiness
Of knowing that someone was just always there
To listen
To share
To care

Love will find a way, no matter what it takes
A way to find you,
For life will be complete and real
Growing old with "You"


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