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Wishful Thinking

Saturday, November 24, 2007
Wish do sometimes come true,
Most have their own personal wishes in their mind,
Some are plain and simple,
Some are broad and complicated
No matter what they are, it always feels good to wish
It is for the reason that one has aim or goals

We usually became what we think
We usually get our earnest desires
The drive set the goals to achieve
And eventually the body follows,
Focus and Determination play the big part
And Inspiration added as well

Good Life…Great Love..
Fine Friends…Wonderful Time..
The best one could get in this life!!
Wishful Thinking that could be achieve..
And it would only start with a wish,
A desire to give the best!

I had a simple wish though,
And I had put it all in my heart…
With all the earnest desire..
And that wish is to be with “You”


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