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Tuesday, November 6, 2007
I have known Blogsvetise from a very special friend and upon reading the site and some informations, I became eagerly interested on moving on to quickly register. I am very fond of writing and I read a lot. Deep within my mind , I know that the site would be one great channel to infuse my insights and visions that i want to share with other people and that will open the way for exchanges of ideas and informations. Different perspective, different ideas brings great results that sometimes benefits not only the writer but also the readers as well. As long as each and everyone keep an open mind and be objective on their judgments, sharing will give good results that will further improved the subject being classified and more education will be enhanced with consideration of all other point of view.

Blogsvertise gives services to both bloggers and advertisers. Bloggers can register a free account. Once approved, blogger goes into the assignment queue where Blogsvertise administrator assigns writing tasks. There is no need for an endorsement of an advertisers website, product or service, Bloggers just need to mention the site and link to it 3 times in their blog entry. It's a simple system and fun. Not only that bloggers get to learn and enjoy different websites, they will also enjoy earning blog revenue or extra income from their blog. Registered advertisers on the other hand, can enjoy the sweet success of a broad advertising reach, greater buzz and increased search engine rankings using blog advertising with Blogsvertise.


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