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Far Yet Near (Prelude on Missing You..)

Thursday, November 29, 2007
You mean so much to me,
My love for you was so intense..
I could wander on all places,
With all the time..
But my heart and mind
Will stay with thoughts of “You”

I love you with all my heart..
With all my mind..
With all my body..
I might be so far afar
But only by mere distance
It might be on my absence
But only through mind

My heart will endlessly whisper of your love..
Of loving you always..
With much care of love it will be longing to share
I might be far in body yet near and close by heart…
For this heart will always beat closer
Closer and near to your heart..
I love you so much…
Far yet Near ..With all the love here in my heart..


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