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Funny Way to Laugh

Wednesday, August 20, 2008
It is not so often on acquaintances to find people with such a unique character on approach with their sense of humor. Laughter as they said is one good therapeautic way of preventing some stress or serve as good medicine one way or another that benefits our body as a whole.

Social Benefits of Laughter:

Laughter connects us with others. Also, laughter is contagious, so if you bring more laughter into your life, you can most likely help others around you to laugh more, and realize these benefits as well. By elevating the mood of those around you, you can reduce their stress levels, and perhaps improve the quality of social interaction you experience with them, reducing your stress level even more.

Laugh With Friends:

Going to a movie or comedy club with friends is a great way to get more laughter in your life. The contagious effects of laughter may mean you'll laugh more than you otherwise would have during the show, plus you'll have jokes to reference at later times. Having friends over for a party or game night is also a great setup for laughter and other good feelings.

Find Humor In Your Life:

Instead of complaining about life's frustrations, try to laugh about them. If something is so frustrating or depressing it's ridiculous, realize that you could 'look back on it and laugh.' Think of how it will sound as a story you could tell to your friends, and then see if you can laugh about it now. With this attitude, you may also find yourself being more lighthearted and silly, giving yourself and those around you more to laugh about. Approach life in a more mirthful way and you'll find you're less stressed about negative events, and you'll achieve the health benefits of laughter

Some of choosen information from the net, although no concrete results or confirmation of the facts , still it could be comprehend that having a joyful character and disposition on the approach to an event will make a big difference in life.

Laughter is free and convenient and very beneficial in so many ways, it also one of the best way to win friends! The contagious effects of laughter brings a lot of camarederie among friends..


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