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What Difference a Day Makes

Monday, July 21, 2008

A funny joke, a warm smile, a tight hug..gentle kiss.. intimate talks..meaningful stare..a romance like no other at the end of the day. Life happiest moments need no high value, it is within the inner self on how simple gestures could be shared on ..for continous growth. The freedom to love and care is just within the heart, the way to give it depends on the intensity it bears.

What difference each day makes? It could not be measured by the physical satisfaction of human body for at the end of the day the gratification will subside. Most will not know for it is basic instinct to crave for human desires and it is predominantly absurd to say that fullfilling all the needs is not essential.

It is then not on a contrasting point of view but on individual preference on how one view such one fine happy day. Holding on with one choice is another thing, it promotes the balance on reasons and belief on how to live life, whether by simple walking with the tide or dare to be different.

For others, just talking sweet words of love till the wee hours of the morning will do.
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