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Thursday, August 21, 2008
The dream of one ideal love do not always fall on the right place and time, most find someone so close to their heart when loving each other seems to be on a very complicated stage. Still, the desire to express the feeling cannot behold the intense emotion that caught the body and mind to confusion. In between the passage of moment and time came a lost hope for the real love felt which cannot be and will not be a reality even once in a lifetime. The ways of love and caring makes each day a great new morning to move on. The gestures and words of concern lingers all along .It make the heart knows that theres always someone who care..even without a word, even on the deepest silence. The echoes of love keep ringing on the chambers of the heart. The wish remain beyond reason, beyond time.
If loving is one selfish deed, loving one like you..i will dare to be selfish for a lifetime.
The wisdom of my heart will last for life, and it will not falter until my heart beat remain with you the one i love. My life will be simple as the same, and my heart will go on with you till the end. I live..i laugh..and i will love loving you forever.


  1. Sara S. said...

    That's impressive :) loving someone that much! I'm gald for you :) It's a rare case in this world. And the text is just beautiful. Stay well

    August 25, 2008 at 3:42 PM  

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