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Deep in my Heart

Saturday, August 30, 2008
On most of my writings, i always tell about the word "heart", and this blog start with the said word. By nature, im a very emotional person, when i fall it comes with a very intense feeling and passion , far from the ordinary. Call it crazy, call it absurd, impossible, but the love that grows in my heart doesnt seem to care beyond reasons. The feeling inside my heart that overflows with passion to share to the very special woman i love goes on my writings, just like an empty canvass of an amateur artist putting all his craft to produce an art of magical colors that comes from within the heart.Living with just wishes and dreams, of unforseen hopes and dreams, the love goes on and will endure the test of time because the "heart"knows its for real. The happiest and most meaningful moment of my life was simply being with her..the music goes deep inside my heart..deep within the inner circle of my dreams. The joyful voice give and endearing inspiration, an ardent wish to reach for her..to caress her face..to gaze at her eyes..to whispher how much i love her..but only to wake up that it will only be on a dream.
Deep in my heart..the very special woman in my life will forever stays..and my love will be for her ..forever.. i love you "heart"....


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