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Thoughts of You

Monday, October 8, 2007
Mere thoughts of you..make me smile when i'm feeling blue.. My mind lingers and wander of Precious moments that we shared..
Of intimate words i give..of loving and caring ways that is unspoken..holding on to the time..keeping it in my heart...Loving you...is a intense feeling that i would always treasure even through passage of time..it brought my heart and mind into deep feeling of dire wish that i could share a beautiful life with you ...one day...in life's bountiful silence and and serenity.
A simple beautiful and joyful life..where we could endlessly share our mind...our thoughts..our love...our body..with one vision of giving all our ourselves..the best inside of us..
With all the caring and understanding..with all the love..Love that is pure in form and essence..brought about by deep sense of commitment and faith..
Love that would last a lifetime...Love that doesnt grow old..One great love for each other..Love that was meant for you and me...
Forever ...for Always...


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