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Shadows of Doubts

Monday, October 8, 2007
Fear of being hurt that would tear the feeling inside..
Afraid of unforeseen moment to come that would make the heart lame..
The deep love tries to reach out..for the feelings it wanted to keep..
Dreams of sharing beautiful life would torments the shadow of doubts..
In the future , would try to foresee,
Happy moments for you and me..
For my heart would always be..
Wishing you will be forever with me…
In my heart you will remain…
The only one I would adore just the same
For in you..i found one woman with wonderful heart and mind

You will stay in that special place in my heart and soon we will never part
Cause this love I have for you will last
For each moment and the rest of my life…
Hold on to me …Sweetheart…


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