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Monday, October 8, 2007
In Solitude, there were often memories of different events in our past lives. It could be one that could make us grin or shake our head off. Wishes of words and things that could have been said or done..that might have turn the events the other way around. Often called “Regrets” , which if further be evaluated was a hindrance to moving on..it is interesting to note that keeping an open mind and leaving all regrets would make us a better person as a whole.

We can find inner peace in Solitude , if only the capability to infuse and transform the inner feelings to a positive approach to life , taking it with ease and putting the focus on optimistic view of the future that lies ahead.

If the mind will think it further..having a peaceful happy contented life was just within our hand..
We have just to embrace it…
and reach out…

It’s a choice…


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