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Now and for Always

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Wonder how time flies..being so preoccupied , never notice a day passes by..In solitude , wishing that the best times have been shared with the most important and precious people in our life. Bonding and giving the essence of shared vision, on simple perspective of feeling happiness on gestures of caring and love.

Let loving be a way of living..let it be the thought of every start of the day and let it stay for good in every heart. Let someone feel that they belong and somebody care..it is one important goal that could be kept in tune with what God command. In our hearts, inscribe and keep deep within the great people that gives our life..the shining colors...the wonderful moments...the best and joyful part..it will fill the love that in return be very meaningful to share with other..

Now and for Always...Keep loving...


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