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Matter of Time and Place

Wednesday, March 14, 2007
The World is such a wonderful place to live...beyond all the turmoils and disasters..GOD had created and given us all the freedom to savor all the beautiful places and people all around us,he had given us those corners and wilderness that we could freely wrap our body and spirits,
Still it would be a matter of place and time, our life was on focus with all our wishes and visions that make us forget to LIVE..
Though events on our life were bound to happen,living a FULL LIFE always remain an elusive goal and dream, i believe there were no such perfect formula for Happiness, it would be that it would be on how we could attain the Peace of Mind..by being at peace with ourselves..deep within ourselves...emanates all the heavy feelings in our heart and mind,develop the positive outlook to share this beautiful wonderful life gifted by HIM without conditions..without restrictions...share life with others...enjoy life at its best...live life as simply as we can bearing the
Peace of Mind..Heart and Spirits..Happiness were just at hand..its inside of us..We just have to live life leaning to God..in our heart and mind..patiently in God's time..


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